Sunday, April 14, 2013

At the beach with the pups!

Well, over the weekend we decided to head back to the dunes... Our original plan was to go to Shenandoah National Park, but because of the prescribed burn we had to delay our trip :(

No biggie, disappointing though it was.
Anyway, here's some fun pictures of the pups playing at the beach.

Back story -  Matzah (Golden Retriever) has been afraid of water since my aunt and uncle got her... she's 7 years old now and I think she's finally gotten over it - you'll see in the pictures.

Lake Michigan as seen from Trail 9
The PERFECT shot! lol

Matzah (Golden) and Rella (Mastiff & Pit Bull mix)
OK... fun times start now-

Rella: "C'mon Matzah... let's just go NEAR the water... "
Matzah: "Oh... okay, but just near it though"
Matzah: "Nooooo!!!! you lying bitch!!!"
Rella: "Well, I didn't say what I'd do when we got there! Now come on!"

Rella: "I don't know what the big deal is... what are you? A scaredy CAT!?"
Rella: "Look! Chris even threw in a stick to play with!"
Matzah: "Oh boy a stick!"
Rella: "See... just walk in and grab it"
Matzah: "I dooon't knooowww"
Rella: "Here... I'll bring it to you"

Rella: "What's wrong with this guy Matzah? He keeps taking pictures... anyway, I got the stick"
Matzah: "???"

Rella: "See... this ain't so bad"
Matzah: "Nope, it's pretty OK actually"

Rella: "Now Gooo! farther!"
Matzah: "Son of a!!!! Hell no!"
Rella: "Well... you're already out there, might as well get the stick."
Matzah: ":/ fine..."

Matzah: "Got me a stick!!! Let's try again!"

Matzah: "I need to bring this back n dry off"

We had such a good time at the beach on Sunday, spent a good two or three hours playing fetch with those two. Then headed back onto the trail back to the Nature Center. Here's a few more pictures from the end of the day.
Matzah is actually going out further this time. So glad she's finally over her fear of water :)
I don't know if Rella is actually swimming or if those massive ears are acting like sails! LOL

Rella's thinking "WTF are THOSE!?"

Just a tree... not sure what, but it's coniferous.

Too freakin' cute!

They never wander too far ahead and always wait till they see me again before they start going.

Pretty much the end of the day, only about another mile before we get to the car.
We really love going to the dunes... miles and miles of trails and it's always an amazing trip. I did get a season parking pass too, it's already paid for itself twice over.

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